*Free* How to Enable Blogger SSL Certificate in 5 Minutes

Enable Blogger SSL certificate in custom domain step-by-step with YouTube video tutorial.

How to set-up a Blogger SSL certificate on the custom domain? We are going to show you everything you need to know about it.

blogger ssl ertificate

Google launched Blogger free SSL certificate for the users after they have said in the press that every website that collects data should get the certificate. Currently, Google considers it as a ranking factor.

How to Enable Free HTTPS SSL Certificate for Blogger Custom Domain?

Allow us to show Blogger SSL custom domain integration and how to set up step-by-step in a short tutorial from Blogger SSL dashboard.

The video will show you how you can enable it in the Blogger website step-by-step.

Step 1: Go to the Blogger “Dashboard,” and then click on “Settings” at the bottom. You have to scroll down settings till you find “HTTPS.”

free ssl certificate for blogger
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Step 2: Now, click on “HTTPS Availability,” and select “YES.”

free ssl certificate for blogger

Step 3: The Blogger will initiate the SSL certificate on blogger custom domain, and it took me ten minutes to complete the process.

free ssl certificate for blogger

Step 4: After ten minutes of waiting, the Blogger has added an active SSL certificate on my blogger website. But, you have to redirect from HTTP to HTTPS, and you have to select on “YES” in HTTPS redirect from the given options. 

free ssl certificate for blogger

Step 5: The Blogger will take approximately one minute to one hour to save redirection changes.

free ssl certificate for blogger

Twenty minutes later, Blogger added SSL certificate on my custom domain.
But, why do you need an SSL certificate activated on your custom domain? Allow us to give you the complete information on it.

Important Points You Need to Know About Blogger SSL

Many of you have questions that no one has answered in one place. And, we are going to answer some of those questions.

1. Is SSL Certificate Free for Lifetime?

Blogger team has decided to offer free SSL certificate to the existing, and new users of the platform. I know that some of you informed that Blogger is going to charge you few bucks after few months, but that’s incorrect.

The company is not going to you charge you a single penny, and they are offering the SSL certificate free for lifetime, and you don’t have to invest a penny.

2. Why is Blogger offering only three months validity?

You must have noticed that Blogger free SSL certificate offers only three months of validity, but why?

The SSL certificate may be free for us, but Google is going to pay an undisclosed amount to the provider. The Google team has decided to allow three months certificate to cut down the cost, and the provider offers three months certificate only. The SSL certificate will automatically renew when it reaches the expiry date.

3. Who is the provider?

One of the most trusted American online security company Avast. No one can deny that Avast is a globally recognized online security program, and the Google trusts it. Do not worry about the cheap blogger SSL certificate because Google did not compromise on quality.

4. Can We Use Cloudflare Blogger SSL?

The answer is simple and straightforward, NO!
We hope that your doubts are cleared.

Why Do You Need A Blogger SSL Certificate?

A lot of you don’t know why Google’s product is offering a free Blogger certificate to the people and allow us to give you complete information on it.

Google is fighting against spam, privacy invaders, and hackers. The Google’s official team has come up with a plan to fight them.

Google has announced that Chrome browser is going to have a feature “Secure” and “Not secure” to alert the Chrome browser users that the site is not safe to enter sensitive details like Name, Email address, Credit card details, Debit card details, and other sensitive data.

Google announced every website founder to add an SSL Certificate to tell their users that the website is registered and secured by the 256-bit encryption to give you safe online browsing. 

Now, they have allowed the website founders time till July 4th, and those who don’t add an SSL certificate to their site will lose traffic.

Yes, the certificate is now a ranking factor.

Blogger is a Google product, and the official team offering Blogger free SSL certificate to the existing and new users on the platform.

A regular certificate cost you at least $100 minimum per year, and you are getting it for free-of-cost, which is a deal maker in my opinion.

Does Blogger’s SLL Certificate Increase My Website Traffic?

Let’s keep the Blogger version of SSL certificate aside! Google may seem like an impenetrable company, but they are fighting spammers, online invaders, and hackers on a daily basis. 

They have a strong policy to fight against the people who are harming their business by ranking higher on the search engines.

The SSL certificate is a one-way ticket to identify the good bloggers, marketers, writers, freelancers, and more. The certificate enables them to mark the good ones because they have paid hundreds of dollars to add to their site and identify themselves as well.

free ssl for blogger

The above snapshot we have shared is one of the good examples. The content on the website violates copyright guidelines, seem more like a spam site, but they have added an SSL certificate to prove that they are genuine, and do not intend to spam Google search engine guidelines.

Google has ensured that those who enable SSL certificate on their website will get better rankings, and they will also tell the visitors that the website is secure to use.

Google Chrome will display that your site is secure to enter credentials like Name, Email, Comment, Credit card details, and more.

You can learn more about SSL certificate in FAQ page.


Blogger team has surprised me because they are offering a lot of compared to four years ago. I left platform because it had very less features back in those days. But, I have moved from a WordPress site to Blogger site because it doesn’t cost me a penny on expensive hosting packages, and you also save $100+ on an SSL certificate. Let me know your queries, and suggestions in the comment section. 
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