5 Best LAN Messenger for Windows (June 2018)

Best LAN Messenger: Let’s say that your internet connection is out of work or you just don’t want to send your required office documentation via Internet messengers to avoid any hacks or leaks. This post will help you with sending data secure, safe and straightforward.
Here is the list of Best LAN Messenger For Windows and this article get updates on a regular basis.
Top LAN messenger for Windows 10

What is LAN?

LAN is the short form of Local Area Network. It is a PC connected network, where you can use it for an individual task where you can use it within the limited area. A LAN connection used mostly at the offices, colleges or gaming parlors. I have used LAN for gaming/messaging purposes for a long time, and I can assure it works well. The only need is to have a working wired connection via routers and cables.

How to Use Best LAN Messenger?

LAN Messenger is a messaging application that gives you the advantage to send or receive files instantly even if you don’t have an internet connection or server. You will be able to transfer files at an incredible speed. LAN is most helpful for office purpose, especially for the conference goals.
If you browse across around the Google, You will find dozens of results for best LAN Messenger, Here I have pointed out few best LAN messenger.

Top LAN Messenger - #1 Softros LAN Messenger

Today, many companies refuse to use free public messengers that enable communication between employees via the Internet. Such applications can be utilized by hackers to intercept your confidential information. Moreover, part of employees spends their working time to chat with their friends.
So, what is the way out? Would you consider a LAN corporate messenger? With such software product in place, your employees will save time, and you gain protection from external factors, such as data leaks or tampering by third parties.
One of the most user-friendly applications is Softros LAN messenger. What differentiates this software is reliability, easy-to-use interface and no need for the dedicated server.
This office messenger allows to send instant messages and files, and also supports creating virtual rooms with an unlimited number of users, bulk messaging, storing message history and grouping contacts by departments and positions. More advanced functions include remote access to another employee’s computer and remote assistance in software installation and setup.

Top LAN Messenger - #2 Realpopup Office chat

Office chat for your company is designed for communication in local networks and Intranet, works in Windows 10, 7, 8, XP and Android.
Features include personal/group messages, private messages, chat rooms, remote assistant, group notifications, file transfer. This business chat app has advanced network settings for normal operation in multi-segment networks. In local networks can work without a dedicated server (not required). It has a friendly interface and allows you to start a chat right after installation. Supports Emojis, administration of access to chat functions, desktop sharing, and Active Directory.

Top LAN Messenger -  #3 Squiggle:

Like I promised at the beginning of the post, to give you the Best LAN Messenger for free, This is one of them.
Features you might like: Voice Chat, Group Chat, Broadcast Chat, Private Chat, Spell Check, Buzz, Emoticons, Audio Alerts.
NOTE: Unfortunately, many visitors and users have reported the site as harmful. We do not recommend you to download or use it as of now.

Top LAN Messenger -  #4 CD Messenger:

CD Messenger is cool for office purpose, CD messenger is not only available for Windows but also Android, iOS, and Mac. CD Messenger is not a free Lan messenger I come with both paid/free versions. So choose it wisely.
Features:  File Transfer, Offline Message, Delivery, Live Spell Checker, Email, Sticky Notes, Group Messaging and To-do List.

Wrap Up

As have you seen on the above list, I have shared my most of the best available Best LAN Messenger tools. I would recommend you to use Office LAN chat for a better experience, I have used it for a while for gaming purpose, and it works better than any other. 
The list is made for those who are looking for Best LAN Messenger out of many other LAN messengers. Got some to tell? You can rely on your message via commenting below.

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