Boink Live Streaming Corp. and Hyperlync Technologies Reach Technology Partnership Agreement

Boink Live Streaming Corp was in the news recently for the whopping 1 million US Dollars deal it signed with iMagically for 30 million new users, and now, as of 7th June 2018, Hyperlync Technologies signed an agreement to be the exclusive provider of value-added services and apps for Boink. Be Live, their newest popular live streaming app.
Boink Live Streaming Corp
CEO and Founder of Hyperlync Technologies Harry Fox expressed his excitement at being given the opportunity to join hands with Boink. Be Live and said they would together give Facebook a run for its money. 

Boink Live Streaming Corp

He also stated that with the app's original live content and unlimited secure live streaming services, this partnership could rival even with Netflix very soon. He is very confident of Boink Live's future in the social media industry today, especially as they believe in putting the customer's needs above all.
This new partnership will see a lot of major changes in everybody's favourite app, including these key solutions:

·     It will mean more control and protection for all Bonk users

·     You will be able to back up content posted to Bonk online

·    Backing up and restoring mobile content across all your devices without the restriction of operating systems will not be a dream anymore

·    You will also be able to backup and restore Mac and Windows content using their innovative cross-platform PC applications

·   It will be your backup solution for a lot of online services, including but not limited to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, with more on the way.

The CEO of Boink, Michael Gilburd, has stated that this partnership seen as a necessity considering the recent privacy breaches Facebook is in trouble for it. The scandal revealed that more than 2.2 billion Facebook users had their data compromised by third-party scrapers and users online have been worried ever since, and there was an increase in the number of people deactivating their accounts for good out of fear. 
But by joining forces with Hyperlync, Boink Leave Streaming Corp promises better security features to help users stay protected and active on all their social media accounts, so something like that doesn't happen again.

·    Boink Live Streaming Ltd's most popular offering is the Bonk be Live app. Hyperlync is going to spice this up even more by adding to it rich functionality and some custom branded apps.

·     Bonk users will now also be able to back up easily and transfer their posts from other social media sites into their Bonk feed.

·    The all new web content viewer will allow Bonk users to see content that was backed up to their account while also being able to post it to their Bonk feed or export it locally.

About Hyperlync Technologies 

Hyperlync Technologies was founded in 2008 by Harry Fox and has since quickly risen to be the leading global provider of personal digital content management solutions. Its innovative suite of multi-platform solutions for mobile devices, PCs and the web allows both enterprises as well as consumers to protect easily, manage and access all their digital content no matter where it is located. Using their proprietary architecture, Hyperlync has constantly come out with the highest turnkey, scalable, and quality white label solutions.
Their Wireless Phone Provisioning technology allows you to copy content between any two phones no matter the operating system. Other solutions they are known for offering include Home Connectivity, Cloud Accessories and Content Assurance. It has earned for itself a good reputation in multiple vertical markets by delivering reliable, user-friendly and innovative products to retail customers throughout the globe. 

About Boink Live Streaming Corp 

Boink Live Streaming Corp is responsible for BonkBe.Live, one of the best platforms for watching and broadcasting live streaming videos. Not only is it a platform to connect with your favourite Facebook influencers, YouTube celebrities, rappers, DJs, TV stars, singers, dancers and professional athletes, but you can also jump to online fame, earn cash and other rewards for going live. You can sign up with your Instagram account, Facebook or even phone number. With a well-coded AR, powerful UI and easy navigation, Bonk Be Live is well on the road to becoming the top live streaming application in the world.
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