How to Install and Use CCleaner for Windows 10/8/7/XP

How to install and use CCleaner for the beginners. I have been using CCleaner for almost eight years now, and I can tell you my experience with the CCleaner for PC helped my Windows seven and ten version faster. CCleaner for PC free download Windows 10 offers you plenty of features, and it runs smoothly on an older version of PC as well.

how to install ccleaner step by step

Allow us quickly show you how to Install and Use CCleaner for PC Windows 10 64 bit.

How to Install and Use CCleaner for PC Windows 10 64 Bit

We have two options for you, the first one read the How-to tutorial and learn about the configuration. The second one offers you a video, where I have used the settings for my Windows 10 PC.

I'm happy to inform you that you can watch the same tutorial in a video that I have recorded and uploaded on our YouTube channel.

If you need visual tutorial, then watch the above video created by our official team.
Step one: Go to the official website from here, and scroll down until you find “Download from

how to install ccleaner step by step

Step two: The download will begin, and the file size will be between 10.5MB to 12MB. The CCleaner for PC Windows 10 64 bit updates their software from time-to-time so that you may see the difference in file size. Coming to the next point, when the download finishes, then you have to “Run as Administrator.”

Step three: The window appears on the screen, and you have the option to download Chrome or continue without downloading it. The Chrome download will help the developer make few bucks on every Install. But, you have to the option to skip by unchecking it. Click Install.

how to install ccleaner step by step

Step four: CCleaner for PC free download Windows 10 will begin installing the package. It will hardly take one minute to two minutes to install the software on low-end PC. If you have chosen to download Google Chrome, then CCleaner will install Chrome, and then proceed with their package.

how to install ccleaner step by step

Step five: Uncheck the “Release Notes,” and click on Run CCleaner for PC free download Windows 10 to configure.

how to install ccleaner step by step

We have shown you step-by-step on how to install CC.eaner on your Windows PC.

If you want to learn about the configuration, then continue reading.

How to Configure CCleaner for PC Windows 10 64 Bit?

After using CCleaner for almost eight years, we can tell you the right way to configure it, and you don’t even have to spend scratch your head to understand its functions.

CCleaner will erase anything that we are going to mention.

One: Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer

Internet Cache: Whenever you visit a website, the browser saves data like Images, Thumbnails, Texts, etc.

Internet History: The browser will save the websites URL you visit.

Cookies: Your information, which you should delete without any doubt.

Download History: You download history always lies in the records, but you can delete it.

Last Download Location: If you downloaded any file, then you can find the location of it, but it will erase after cleaning.

Session: The history of your session removes after cleaning.

Set Aside Tabs: We don’t know about it.

Recently Typed URL’s: The last website you have visited erased.

Saved Form Information: Any form data that can be saved by the browser deleted by the cleaner.

Saved Passwords: If you have saved passwords of social media accounts, then it will be erased from the browser after cleaning it.

The same options will appear for Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera, Chrome, and other. The above information will help you understand the meaning for future references. 

Two: Windows Explorer

Windows Explorer data in the next row. CCleaner for PC free download Windows 10 will remove after you select it.

Recent Documents: In Windows 10, the most recently opened documents will appear in “Recent” tab. 

Run (In Start Menu): The function “RUN options will show up on your start menu, and it will remove them. It works on CCleaner for Windows 7 home basic 64 bit.

Other Explorer URL’s: It will remove URL from Windows Explorer.

Thumbnail Cache: The thumbnail cache stands for Images thumbnails saved in your PC, Videos, Movies, MP3 songs cover, and more. Overall, it’s just junk that takes up space on your PC. 

Taskbar Jump List: In the taskbar, the Explorer saves data like folder location, and you can remove it.

Network Passwords: If you are a normal user, then you should erase Network Passwords.

I have selected all these options to erase for my PC over the years.


The Windows saves plenty of unnecessary information that you can remove it with CCleaner. I have selected all of it to remove junk files.

Empty Recycle Bin: You don’t have to check for junk files in the recycle bin.

Temporary Files: In the folder, you can find browser data to program data as well. Overall, its junk that no one needs it.

Clipboard: We don’t know much about it.

Memory Dumps: Whenever a program fails or hangs, then it creates memory dumps for Windows error reporting. Overall, we don’t need it. Memory dumps take 300MB to 1GB of space, so delete them to save space in C.

CHDSK File Fragments: CHDSK stands for Check disk for errors. If you are a normal user, then you don’t need file fragments.

Windows Log Files: The log file creates reports of crashing programs, windows crashing, and other errors for Microsoft. If you are sending reports to Microsoft, then you should select it.

Windows Error Reporting: Junk!

DNS Cache: Junk!

Font Cache: Junk!

Start Menu Shortcuts: It creates additional shortcuts that no one needs.

Desktop Shortcuts: It also creates additional uninstalled programs shortcuts on Desktop. No normal users don’t need that data, so select it to delete it.

Four: Advanced

In my case, I have selected everything to expect “Wipe Free Space” because it takes plenty of time to wipe free space. I think it is an unnecessary feature that wastes your time. Let us show you the latest CCleaner for PC free download advanced functions.

Windows Event Logs: Windows saves every program activity data to improve their OS in next update. You can erase the data if you don’t need it.

Old Prefetch Data: You should delete the data because it will only take up space.

Menu Order Cache: The option has nothing to do with your UI or experience. You can delete it.

Tray Notification Cache: In the Windows 10, we have notification area so that the Window will save the notification. You can delete it if you don’t need notifications because it loads when you launch the OS.

Window size/Location Cache: The Windows will remember if you have minimised the Window or not. When you restart or start the PC next time, then it will show you minimised window because it remembers it. You can delete the data if you don’t want it.

Environment Path: We don’t have information on it.

User Assist History: Overall, another form of junk files that users do not need it.

IIS Log Files: The log files meant for Microsoft development.

Custom Files and Folders:  We don’t have information on it.

Wipe Free Space: NEVER SELECT IT! Keep it unchecked because it takes plenty of time.

There’s another tab called “APPLICATIONS.

One: Read the first “Microsoft Edge” paragraph to customise options for other browsers.

Two: I recommend you to select everything on the “Applications” part.

How to Use Registry CCleaner for PC Windows 10 64 Bit?

There’s one more feature that almost every YouTuber and blogger does not show you until you figure out yourself. We are going to show you how you can use the Registry Removal options.

how to install ccleaner step by step

Note: CCleaner doesn’t remove working and valid registries from your Windows database. It only removes registries copies, uninstalled program registries, and junk files.

Step one: Click on Registry, and then click on “SCAN.”

how to install ccleaner step by step

Step two: It will take few seconds to a minute to complete the scan, and then click on “Fix Selected Issue.”

how to install ccleaner step by step

Step three: A small Window pop-up, and then you have the choice to create a backup of the registry (CLICK YES), or you can skip that by clicking NO.

how to install ccleaner step by step

Step four: Click on “Fix All Selected Issue,” then it will erase all unused and missing registry files.

how to install ccleaner step by step

Step five: Click close to finish.

Deleting the registries will fasten your PC a little, and you will have error free PC.


There’s a new option called “Monitoring” running in notification area and background, and you can turn it off. Launch CCleaner > Options > Monitoring > uncheck on “Enable system monitoring” and it’s annoying to have it in the notification.

Let me know what you think about it in the comment section below.
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