Download GB Whatsapp Latest Version 6.30 Install with Pictures (June 2018)

GB Whatsapp is a popular messenger app, which is a modified version of the Official Whatsapp. There are such different types of apps released in the past, but not all of them are perfect. We are going to give you a link to Download GB Whatsapp Latest Version 5.70. If you are a user, who has never used the app and does not understand the process, then you have to do is to scroll down and find the Installation process for Smartphones, Tablets, Non-sim Tablets, and Non-supported devices.

I have installed the app on my smartphone to test it for Virus, Malware and other things because these apps are coming outside of the Google PlayStore, and most of the hackers make their way to your smartphone with such apps.

Download GB Whatsapp

GB Whatsapp developer is unknown, and most of the sites out there do not inform or even mention the users about the security. However, we have tested the app on our first smartphone, so that we can give you the authentic information about the Performance, Safety, Features, and More.
Download GB Whatsapp Latest Version 6.30 Installation with Pictures 2018

GB Whatsapp 2017 is far better than Whatsapp Plus or OGWhatsap (If you have never heard of it then ignore this part).
Download GB Whatsapp Latest Version 6.30
We strongly recommend you to read the complete tutorial before you proceed with the Download and Installation of the app because sometimes you may end up losing more than you have anticipated and we want to prevent any loss of data or something valuable to you.

Let’s begin things with the Installation,

#1 – Installation – Non-supported Tablet

We are going to first install the app on a Tablet, which is running on Android 5.0 Lollipop and it is a sim-less device. Whatsapp no longer supports non-sim devices, so we are going to install the app on a non-supported Android device first to check if it works perfectly or not.

Step 1: Download the app from the above link.

Step 2: Locate and Go to the downloaded file.

Step 3: Tap once on it.

Step 4: The installation will be blocked at the moment, which is common.

Step 5: Tap on “Security” (You can take a look at the snapshot we have taken for reference).

Step 6: Locate “Unknown Sources” (Do not panic because we will guide you through with security.)

Step 7: Tap on the “Unknown Sources.”

Step 8: As you can see that there is an option “Allow this Installation only,”
You should be able to see GREEN check mark.

Step 8: Tap on OK.

Step 9: You should read the “Privacy,”
  • Read phone status & Identity.
  • Receive text messages, and send SMS messages.
  • Take Pictures & Videos.
  • Record Audio.
  • Location or Precise Location (GPS or Network will be used to locate).
  • Modifies contacts & read contacts.
  • Prevent tablet from sleeping (It runs in the background).
  • It modifies Audio by accessing settings.
  • Read Sync Settings, Statistics, Toogle (On and Off).
  • Installs shortcuts, Modify system settings, Send sticky broadcast, and Uninstall shortcuts.
You can even take a look at the snapshots we have provided here for confirmation.

Step 12: Now begin the installation process by tapping on “Install,” it takes around one minute to two minutes to complete the installation.

Step 13: Once the installation is finished, go to MENU and Tap on the GB Whatsapp.

Note: GB Whatsapp logo looks exactly like Official Whatsapp, so determining the official one would be difficult. Not only that, you can install both GB Whatsapp and Official Whatsapp at the same time.

#2 – Installation – Samsung Galaxy S4

Right now, I’m going to install the app on Samsung Galaxy S4, which is running on Android Lollipop 5.0. The requirements of the app do not change, so it will remain Android 4.0 or above.

Step 1: Download Gb Whatsapp from the given link above.

Step 2: Go to the downloaded and Tap once on it.

Step 3: The installation will be blocked by Android Security, which is common, so do not panic.

Step 4: Now Tap on the “Settings,” you can take a look at the snapshot for reference.

Step 5: You will be headed and locate “Unknown Sources.”

Step 6: Now Tap on the “Unknown Sources.”

Step 7: Now Tap on the Allow Installation.

Step 8: As you can see there is a GREEN MARK now.

Step 9: Now tap on the “Ok.”

Step 10: You can see that the App will ask you grant the permission and they are,
  • Read phone status & Identity.
  • Receive text messages, and send messages.
  • Take Pictures & Videos.
  • Record Audio.
  • Location or Precise Location (GPS or Network will be used to locate).
  • Modifies contacts & read contacts.
  • Read your contact card.
  • Modify the contents of your SD card.
  • Read of contents of your SD card.
  • Add or remove accounts.
  • Create accounts and set passwords.
  • Find Google or any other accounts on the device read Google service configuration use accounts on the instrument.
  • Pair with Bluetooth devices.
  • Close other apps, then retrieve running apps run at the startup.
  • Control vibration prevents phone from sleeping.
  • Change your audio settings.
  • Read sync settings read sync, and statistics toggle sync (On and off).
  • Installs shortcuts, Modify the system configuration, Send sticky broadcast, and Uninstall shortcuts.
  • Read sync settings, and read sync statistics toggle sync (on and off)
  • Install shortcuts modify system settings.
  • Send a sticky broadcast to uninstall shortcuts.
Step 11: Tap once on Install.

Step 12: The installation begins, and it takes around one or two minutes to complete. Make sure, your smartphone does not go to sleep or else, it won’t install, and you have to repeat the procedure.

Step 13: Once the installation is done, do not open it. Just tap on “Done.”

Step 14: Go to menu and look for GBWhatsapp but you will find two Whatsapp installed, which looks the same but remember, GBWhatsapp always ends up on the second side, so make sure to tap on the second one.

Step 15: Since the Official Whatsapp exists, which is why you can see the restore point on the screen, you can use the app as secondary as well.

#3 – How to Restore Official Whatsapp Backup in GBWhatsapp?

We are going to teach you everything step-by-step, so make sure you follow them without hesitating.

Note: You have to uninstall the “GBWhatsapp” from your smartphone first.

Step 1: Open your Official Whatsapp on your Smartphone or Tablet.

Step 2: Tap once on the three-dot “Setting.”

Step 3: Now select “Settings.”

Step 4: Select “Chat.”

Step 5: Now select “Chat Backup.”

Step 6: You have to choose the backup and tap on “Backup.”

Step 7: Your backup will be ready within few minutes.

Now you have to restart your smartphone. You have to Download GBWhatsapp latest version and install it as shown in the images.

Step 1: When you install the Downloaded GBWhatsapp, then do not open it.

Step 2: Locate the Whatsapp folder using File Manager, and rename Whatsapp folder to GBWhatsapp.

Note: Repeat the RENAME procedure to all folders, such as,

Step 3: In the same folder locate “WhatsApp Audio” rename to “GBWhatsapp Audio.”

Step 4: In the same folder find “WhatsApp Calls” rename to “GBWhatsapp calls.”

Step 5: In the same folder find “WhatsApp Images”  rename to “GBWhatsapp Images.”

Step 6: In the same folder find “WhatsApp Video” rename to “GBWhatsapp Video.”

Step 7: In the same folder locate “WhatsApp Profile Photos”  rename to “GBWhatsapp Profile Photos.”

Step 8: In the same folder find “WhatsApp Voice Notes”  rename to “GBWhatsapp Voice Notes.”

Step 9: “Rename Wallpapers”  rename to “GBWallpapers.”

Now open GBWhatsapp and verify your phone number and press on Restore button later.

#3 –  GBWhatsapp Key Features Explained

We are going to explain the features, you are going to get from the GBWhatsapp, and learning them will help you understand to use the GBWhatsapp to another level.

1. You will be able to maintain two Whatsapp at the same time, Offical Whatsapp and GBWhatsapp.

2. GBWhatsapp is far better than the Whatsapp Plus, and OGWhatsapp.

3. Selfie Flash added. (You have to use the app to understand its uses.)

4. Disable calling for contacts in your list.

5. You can even disable voice calling feature from it (You can enable it and disable it based on your taste.)

6. You can send GIF images.

7. You can hide last seen a message from particular contacts.

8.  You can release a link to invite people to join your group publicly.

9.  Banning your account? No issue at all because your account will be BAN free.

10. Whatsapp has a restriction of the broadcast of 250, while GBwhatsapp lets you broadcast over 500 users at once.

11.     You can enable and disable calling feature on your tablet or smartphone.

12. With one-click, you can hide the last seen message of any person from the TAB itself.

13. There is also a minor feature called “Hide second-tick.

14. You can change the default green color to any other.

15. You can preview any media, and the feature is way advanced than the Official Whatsapp, which is unique than the Whatsapp itself.

16. You can send media files up to 100MB, where the official version restricted to 16MB only.

17. You can also send images up to 100 or plus, while the minimum images you can send to the official version is only 10.

18. You can download and apply different types of themes to it. There is an inbuilt theme download feature, where you can browse over 100’s of the theme from the store and apply them online itself.

19. An unbuilt store for those, who want to send something unique to the friends.

20. Analytics page for those who want to learn about the movements of the users within the group.

21. Ability to copy more than one message and the feature allows you to copy multiple messages without copying Date, Name, and Time, Which happens to be a unique characteristic.

22. You can preview the message without opening the app, which also means you can send the reply without opening the app. It works with almost any version of the Android smartphone, but if it is slowing down your smartphone, then you can even disable it.

23. Do you like your friend Status? Then you can copy it by opening his or her profile, and it will be copied to your clipboard. All you have to do is to tap on the users’ profile and tap once on the status, and the app will automatically copy the status automatically.

24. In the status, you cannot add more than 130 characters, which is the limit added to the official version, while on the GBWhatsapp, you can add over 250 characters. Now you will be able to add more words to your Status.

25.  If you are having trouble locating the app, then you can change the Icon of the App, which solves the confusion.

26. You will be provided different tabs to determine, which tab serves for what purpose.

27. If you want to send multiple songs, then you can hear over 100 songs at the same time. It will not only save your time but also helps you reach your thoughts to the user without any hassle.

#4 – GBWhatsapp Review

After using it for a while on Tablet and Smartphone, you have to download GBWhatsapp latest version and install it first, and then you have to ensure that you have over 1GB of free space.
Minimum requirements to run it,
  • You must have 1GB of free space, the app does not consume much space, but it does demand 1GB free space to run smoothly.
  • Your smartphone must have Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or above.
  • The smartphone or Tab should have at least 1GB RAM.
  • The processor does add more value to the performance of the tablet or smartphone.
  • If you join groups, then be careful because when you receive more than 1000 messages, then the app does not open until it downloads all 1000 messages. (it is only applicable for slower and low-end smartphone.)
There will be a vast difference in the performance, if your smartphone is Low-end, and the performance will be average on a Low-end tablet as well.

#5 – Security – Download GB Whatsapp 2017

The Developers who created the app are known from XDA-Developer website, and no one can guarantee the security because the app might leak the information to an unknown hacker or someone even worse.

There are plenty of sites, who are covering the same topic but none of them have tested and experienced how does the app work at all, Which means you are downloading something, you don’t even know if they are safe or not.

However, here are our thoughts about the app. We don’t consider the app to be safe at all. I have used the app, and there are few times, where I have felt a breach of trust. If you want to use this app as your primary solution, then I would recommend you to do it at your own risk.


We have covered almost everything regarding the app, and if there is something, which we have missed, then you can comment below, or you can add your thoughts to it. Our team will be happy to reply every comment

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