How to Remove Bytefence Anti-malware from Your Windows 10 PC?

There are several threats online, and we find millions of problems each day from the Internet. One of the most dangerous is Virus and Malware, which is a common enemy for every Windows users. According to the research centre, more than 98% of Windows PC has faced virus attacks and malware attacks.
Remove Bytefence Anti-malware

These attacks have also given birth to the Anti-virus and Anti-malware programs, who have made a fortune out of programs sales all over the world. Now several Antivirus and Anti-malware systems have started to provide free version or trial version of programs, which are allowing users to try them on but there are few among who are breaking the rules.
How to Remove Bytefence Anti-malware from Your Windows 10 PC?
We are going to explain the whole procedure  Step-by-step in both Written and Video format.
Bytefence is a favorite Anti-malware program, which has to fight the malware attacks and protecting Windows users from such attacks. However, Bytefence is the equal culprit,

I have uninstalled the program on my Windows Laptop because it was installed while I was installing another program, which has been running for over two days and keeps popping up in the notifications, which is irritating.
That’s not the end of it, Bytefence team is so intelligent that they have also added codes that do not allow us to Uninstall it from “Control Panel” or any other third-party program, which is a marketing move and something we should be worried about.
You cannot depend on Bytefence as your Anti-malware defender because they are forcing you to use it and also they are restricting you at the same time.

Removing the Culprit from the Windows 10 PC

Note: Do not panic, you don’t need any third-party application to download to uninstall it. “Bytefence got the trust license because they have added a secret uninstall option” which we will show you step-by-step.

Step 1: Go to My Computer.

Step 2:  Go to “C” folder or where you have installed Windows 10 or any other Windows versions.

Step 3: You can spot Programs Files and Programs files (X86).

Step 4: Select Programs.

Step 5: You can find Bytefence folder and select that folder.

Step 6: Once you open the folder, this is what you should see on your screen.

Step 7: Scroll down until you find “Uninstall.”

Step 8: You have to click twice on the “Uninstall.”

Step 9: Proceed with uninstalling and it takes more than three minutes to complete.

Step 10: The browser will pop-up, and this is what you should be seeing.


Bytefence Antimalware is sneaky, and it does not give you full control over the program, and I do not recommend you to download, install or try the free trial version of it. Let us know your experience and opinions in the comment section below.

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