What Private Email to Choose? Guide for Security Minded Users

We use our most favorite email services without even thinking about privacy. But, they do that, they do snoop your personal data to provide you with adverts.

Even Google's Good Corporation, with its Gmail service, was the first to start integrating its services, tying everything on targeted advertising. 

However, in contrast to the mail giants, there are a small number of anonymous email services on the Internet that allow you to get rid of spam flows and protect your personal data from misuse.

How to protect yourself? What are those private email services? Find the answers in the text below.

How to protect your data?

Do not be mistaken - by a single use of protected email service you won't be secured. It makes sense to use such services only in conjunction with TOR, VPN, or at least a proxy. With these ones, you hide your activity on the Internet.

Tor. Tor is a service designed to provide online privacy. It is a decentralized system that enables users to connect through a relay network rather than establish a direct connection. The advantage of this method is that your IP address is not visible to the sites you visit: your connection randomly jumps from server to server, which inevitably leads to the loss of the ability to track your path.

VPN. A VPN is a network connection that allows you to create a secure connection to another host, giving the impression that you are in a different place. Your computer generates an encrypted virtual tunnel leading to the VPN server, and all your online activities look like they come from this VPN server. 

All Internet traffic passes through this encrypted tunnel, which protects your data from those who want to intercept them on the way from the computer to the VPN server.

Proxy. A proxy, like a VPN, directs your traffic through a different computer than yours. There are private and public proxies, but only private proxies, usually paid ones, can provide stability and reliability.

In general, you need to hide your real IP address in any way. Now consider the mail services themselves.

5 Best private email services


It's an email from the Torguard file sharing service. It provides ad-free mailboxes with a good level of security, including encryption. 

With the free package, you get 10 MB of memory, end-to-end protection with SSL encryption for connections, and P / PGP encryption for messages. For a small fee, you can upgrade to unlimited storage with all the great features.


The service creates a mailbox for you, the incoming correspondence from which will be deleted an hour after reading. It is possible to set up call forwarding to your real box. Optionally, temporary mail can be quickly deleted, and a new one created.

The Anonymous Email

To registration on it, you just need to specify your real email. In this case, uncheck the options for saving your data and participating in the newsletter. The service guarantees anonymity, but, unlike Guerrillamail, it does not allow the creation of temporary boxes.


It's a service for sending mail from an anonymous mailbox. It is possible to leave your real email for feedback, while the recipient of the message will not see it. It's an extremely easy to use and reliable site.

Hide My Ass

That's a mail service of the popular anonymizer. It's designed for incoming mail only. Any address can be configured to receive notifications from social networks, as well as other less useful correspondence.

Now you know how to protect private data, and what secure email to chose. Always keep an eye out!
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